Ch. Peachy Keen Kippers for Tea, OA, NAJ

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Cape Cod, Massachusetts

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DOB: December 26, 1999
Black and White
Height: 19.75"
Weight  48 lbs
OFA Hips: Good
OFA Elbows: Passed
CERF: Clear at 7 weeks
DNA CEA, CL, TNS: Normal
Owner: Dr. J. T. Allardice

Kipper is my first venture into the Border Collie Breed. He has to have all his people in  the same room at once so he can keep an eye on everyone!
Kip shone in the conformation ring at an early age, beating specials from the puppy class. He ranked in  the top twenty in conformation at only 1 year
onf age, and ranked no. 4 by breed in the U.S. in 2001.  Just reaching two years old in December, 2001, Kip was the highest ranking Border Collie
whelped in the U.S. He continued to excel in the conformation ring through mid-2002 with many group placements, including a Herding Group 1 win.
Kip took time out to campaign in Europe where he gained his Belgium conformation championship but unfortunately, to be a full champion you need  to
pass a working test held once a year and Kip came back to us before that. He also  had many wins in different countries. Since his return in 2003, Kip
has won Best of Breed 21 times and acquired 7 group placements with limited showing. He also enjoy training for agility and herding.