Bella finishes up the year with three BOB wins in Ohio

Toddy takes BOB all four days at the prestigious Boston Shows, two days of
were over a top 5 ranked dog.


Kylie takes BOS both days her first shows out. She went on to take two
puppy group 2's! congratulations to Kylie, who is a Kipper pup.

Max finished his CH with a 4 pt. major. congrats to his owners, Lynn and
Michael. He is now Ch. AbFab's Maxamillion. Max will now move on and
continue with his agility training.

Bella takes BOS at the BCSA Supported Entry in Springfield, MA.

Bella and James are invited to attend the Eukanuba Top 25 Invitational.

Bella wins Group 1 under judge Sulie Greedale-Paveza.


Alice's hips are done and she is OFA good: elbows normal.

Torque receives an invite to the AKC Obedience Invitational and also
his Flyball Gold Championship. He is now OTCH AbFab's Whiter Shade of
Pale, UDX

Toddy takes a Group 3 under Arley Hussein

Toddy takes another Group 3 under Juditch Goodin

Toddy makes it a hat trick taking Group 3 under Stephen Hubbel!!

AUGUST 2008:

Honey takes BOS and Puppy Group 3!!

JULY 2008:

Bella takes a Group 4 under Roberta Davies.

JUNE 2008:

Bella takes a Group 2 under Pat Gellerman
Bella takes a Group 4 under Thomas Kilkullin
Bella is a Group winner, under Pat Hastings
Bella wins BOB at BCSA Supported Entry, CT

Alice is a new Champion!! Ch. AbFab Straight To the Moon.

MAY 2008:

Bella wins a Group 2

APRIL 2008:

Bella wins back to back Group 3's and a Group 3.

MAY 2008:

Bella wins a Group 2

APRIL 2008:

Bella wins back to back Group 3's and a Group 2

MARCH 2008:

Bella takes BOB in NY, twice over #1 Bitch


Bella takes Best of Opposite, Westminster Kennel Club, over BIS #1 Bitch

2008 News Summary

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