Torque gained his HSA title! Congrats to Diane and Torque.
October 29, 2011
Hunter (Honey x Johnny) last week gained 2 legs in AKC  Rally Advanced and 1 leg in AKC Novice Obedience. Yesterday he got his CGC. Congrats
to Ellen, Terry and Hunter!

October 2, 2011
Trek, (Kip son) takes Winners Dog for a 4 pt. major! He now has both his majors and just a few points to go! Congratulations Cara and Trek.

October 1-2, 2011
Tardis picks up his first two legs for his CDX. Congrats Diane!

September 15-18, 2011
Merlin, Ch. AbFab's Magical Merlin, takes Best of Breed  four days in a row at my local Cape Cod Shows!! This boy sure is gonna be a hit in the
specials ring once he gets a bit older. Congrats to his owners, Juli and Arthur!

September 18, 2011
Torque gets his first leg towards his HSA title. Congrats Diane
Tardis (Ch. AbFab's I've Been Everywhere CD, FX) gets his HSA title!! Just awesome!
This little gold boy really can do it all, including herding!

September 4, 2011
Bella, Ch. AbFab Fidelis R Purrfect Double, got her RN title this weekend! Congrats to Megan and Bella!

September 4, 2011
James is the proud sire of four merle pups and two black& white pups!

August 31, 2011
Zoe (Toddy/Bella) gets OFA hips GOOD, and elbows normal!!
She is the third out of four of the litter to get this result!.

August 28, 2011
Tardis (Bella/Toddy) got his Flyball Masters Title. Congrats to Diane!!

August 12, 13 &14
AbFab's Umm Umm Good (Noodles) takes Best of Breed three days in a row!

August 7, 2011
Hunter got his third leg in Rally and is now AbFab's North to Alaska, RN at 7 months old!

August 6, 2011
James X Abbey ( a Kip daughter) pups are due at the beginning of September. The ultrasound
showed at least 6!!!

August 5, 2011
Trek (Kipper son) takes Best of Breed over a top 20 ranked special from the classes. Congrats to Cara and Trek.

August 1, 2011
Hunter (AbFab's North To Alaska, out of Honey and Johnny) gains his first two legs in Novice Rally at just 6 months 3 weeks old! Congrats to Hunter,
terry and Ellen!

July 23-24, 2011
Tardis (Bella/Toddy) takes first place in Novice B and then goes on to take first place the second day and gains his CD title as well as HIGH IN
TRIAL!! Congrats to Tardis and Diane. The week before he took four Best of Breed wins in the conformation ring.

Tardis wins Best of Breed four days in row!!

July 13, 2011
With such sadness I cannot describe, Toddy was laid to rest on 6/6/11. He was just 4 years old and after a very short illness, he was diagnosed with
Run Free Sweet Toddy.

July 5, 2011
Tardis (Ch. AbFab's I've Been Everywhere) gets two legs towards his HS at his first herding trial and his Flyball Dog Title.

June 25-26, 2011
Torque (Jim/Lego) takes 5th place at the UKC Invitational Obedience!

June, 2011
AbFab's Magical Merlin (Toddy/Honey) went off on the show circuit and returned a new Champion! In Michigan he picked up two Best of Breed wins,
then in Indiana, he won three majors and the single point to finish his Championship. congrats to Arthur and Juli and Ch. AbFab's Magical Merlin, who
finished his championship easily. Pictures will follow soon.

June 7, 2011
Abby (Kip daughter) gets OFA Excellent hips!
Ember (James daughter) gets OFA Good hips!

June 4th & 5th, 2011
Tardis won his class at all four UKC trials and went HIT at one, earning his UKC CD.
Torque went HIT out of Utility B in one trial. Congrats to Diane and her two golden boys!

May 29, 2011
Congrats to Diane and Tardis who got his Fly Ball dog title this week-end!

May 22, 2011
Congrats to Cara and Trek for another point to his Championship, taking WD, BOW and
a Bred-By Group 2!!

April 22 &23, 2011
Congrats to AbFab's Magical Merlin, (Toddy/Honey) taking WD both days for his first points towards his CH at his first shows!

March 29, 2011
Ch. AbFab's I've Been Everywhere, "Tardis" (Toddy/Bella)
OFA hips Good, Elbows normal.

March 26, 2011
Toddy takes Best of Breed and a Group 3!!

March 20, 2011
Tardis takes Best of Breed for a 5 pt. major towards his Grand Championship. Way to go Diane and Tardis!!

March 19, 2011
Tardis takes Select dog for a major towards his Grand Championship

March 16-18, 2011
Tardis makes his debut as a specials dog, taking Select each day and points towards his Grand Championship

March 19, 2011
Ch. AbFab's Hot Toddy takes an Award of Merit at the Supported Entry show in Kentucky

March 18, 2011
Ch. AbFab Fidelis R Purrfect Double takes an Award of Merit at the Supported entry show in

March 17, 2011
Ch. AbFab's Hot Toddy takes an Award of Merit at the supported entry show in KY

March 16, 2011
Noodles wins 12-18 month bitch class at the Kentuckiana Tartan Border Collie Club Specialty in Kentucky. She went on to win her class the four days
she showed.

March 9, 2011
Torque got two certificates from UKC All Stars today. One for 7th nation
wide in Open and for 12th in utility. There are not many UKC shows in his area so that was pretty amazing. He also got an invitation to their all star
tournament in June. Congrats to Torque and Diane (OTCH AbFab Whiter Shade of Pale VCD2, UDX3, AX, AXJ, NAF, IMX)

February 3, 2011
Ch. AbFab's Hot Toddy received award certificate from
the Alaska Kennel Club, as being in the Top 10 of Alaska
Show Dogs for 2010 and the Top Alaskan Herding Dog for 2010

January 31, 2011
Myst (Clooney daughter) gets OFA results....Hips Good, Elbows Normal!

January 23, 2011
BIS CH. AbFab's Hot Toddy (Kipper puppy) won Best of Breed both days and took two Group Fours! Congrats Ingrid and Toddy at their first Show
this year.

Trek (Kipper puppy) took Winners Dog on Thursday, January 20th and again on Sunday, January 23rd in Michigan for his first Major!! Congrats to
Cara and Trek. Trek now has 5 points.                         

January 17, 2011:
Tardis is now UKC /AKC Ch. AbFab's I've Been Everywhere. He finished his UKC championship on January 15 and 16 with three group 3's and a
group 4. Congrats to Tardis and Diane.

January 12, 2011
GCH Peachy Keen's Playing it Hot ranks #15 by breed for 2010!
BIS Ch. AbFab's Hot Toddy ranks #8 by all-breed for 2010!

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